Leak Detection Specialists

Water is one of nature’s most destructive elements. In fact, the long-term damage done by water can be far more dangerous than most folks realize. That is why our team always prioritizes a customer with a leak. Whether it is a minor leak, a high water bill, or a catastrophic flood, we always implore our clients to call immediately and let us come take a look.

In our experience, the worst situations are due to the smallest of leaks that remain hidden. Many can be undetectable to the untrained eye. Since mold can begin to grow on wet organic surfaces within 72 hours, the possibility of a serious health hazard will always be our biggest fear.

Our technicians are all trained to spot the signs, find the source of the leak, and identify any hazardous conditions so every customer has peace of mind that their home is in the best hands possible. We equip our team with cutting-edge diagnostic tools to investigate the elusive pinhole leaks. Our plumbers are all trained and certified to handle the electronic pipe tracers, sub-surface sonic systems, and infrared imaging devices. We also carry video cameras and bore-scopes to visually inspect any crevice without opening the walls.

Our goal in any service visit is to educate our clients and help them to make the best decisions for their home and family. When it comes to leak detection, we strive to make the entire process as simple and painless as these situations can be.