Why Live With It?


We are a fully licensed and insured plumbing company servicing all of Broward and Palm Beach counties.  A family owned and operated company, with many years of experience in the plumbing trade.  Our focus is to build a foundation we can grow upon so everyone can experience the peace of mind our loyal customers get to enjoy.

Slab Leaks & Leak Detection

We are your lifeline when other plumbers are scratching their heads, call us before you let someone turn your walls into Swiss cheese. We are well versed in all detection methods and have cutting edge technology at our disposal.

Hot Water Heaters

We have experience with every water heater style and manufacturer. We are up to date on training, technology, and efficiency standards. There are no companies that know more about electric/Gas tankless technology than we do!

Drain Cleaning and Rooter Services

We handle all drain issues, from the smallest clog to the worst case scenario. We can ensure your line is clog free with a follow-up video inspection.